Importance of Reading Graphic Novels | Benefits of Graphic Novels

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Contrary to popular opinion, graphic novels are not a genre. The word ‘graphic’ means relating to art, so graphic novels are a subset of novels in which visuals accompany words. Comics and graphic novels have long been thought of as ‘light’ reading which isn’t ‘real’ and as kind of ‘useless’. But that is not true, there are many benefits of graphic novels and in this article we tell you importance of reading graphic novels.

Provides additional sensory stimulation

Graphic novels supplement words with pictures, and hence stimulate various senses at once. The visual stimulation, which arises from aesthetic pictures that give off specific vibes, can engage the mind more than just words. This in turn helps you stay with the story, make sense of it and grasp it more fully. Visuals aid comprehension of just words.

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